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Monday to Saturday 10a.m.-9:15p.m.

Enliven Skin Renewal Facial                        $110

A professional deep exfoliating treatment with an effective, high-tech patented complex offering the full benefits of AHA's without stinging and irritation. 

Lactic and Glycolic acids work in synergy with Arginine® to reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles, and even out skin tone.

A deep exfoliation treatment with a high concentration of AHAs (30%) and a pH of 3.0. Includes a neutralizing gel that allows customized application.

Clinically proven results after only one treatment*

  95% decrease in the total area of wrinkles

  67% decrease in the total length of wrinkles

  63% decrease in the number of wrinkles

  63% increase in hydration level

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